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Due to volatile lumber prices we ask that you contact us, or a local dealer for current pricing.

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Options & Features

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All structures can be upgraded to Jame Hardie siding.  Please contact us for details.

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All buildings can be built to meet your specific needs and tastes.  The buildings are all built on pressure-treated 4x4 runners. The floor joist are pressure treated 2x4s or 2x6s, spaced 12-inches on center, covered with 5/8" or 3/4" =premium plywood.


Side walls consist of 2x4s spaced 16-inches on center, covered with the best siding in the industry, DuraTemp®.


Roofing consist of Radiant Barrier Sheathing OSB board and 30 year architectural shingles or 29 gauge metal.  All buildings are primed and painted with on of our 16 standard colors.

Additional Windows / Doors • Larger Doors • Lofts • Loft Door Trim • Cupolas • Weather Vane • Shutters • All Wood Trim • Floor Upgrades • Flower Boxes • Ramps • Overhead Doors • Ridge Vents


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Questions!  Please feel free to contact us.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and answer any of your questions.