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Take a Peek Inside

Inside View Playhouse
Inside View, Rafters
Inside view Wall, 16 inche center
Inside view, Loft
Inside View of Rafters, (loft)
IInside View, Overview
Inside, Under loft
Inside view, Barn w/ Loft
Inside View Barn,Loft, Window
Inside View, Barn, Window
Inside View Double Doors
Inside View, Dbl Door, Window
Inside View Rafters, (Close Up)
Inside View Wall, 16 inch Center
Inside View, Stnadard Dbl Door Handle
Inside Barn Style
Inside View, Window Cottage
Inside Barn Style
Inside View, Dbl Doors

All buildings can be built to meet your specific needs and tastes. 


The buildings are all built on pressure-treated 4x4 runners. The floor joist are pressure treated 2x4s or 2x6s, spaced 12-inches on center, covered with 5/8" or 3/4" premium plywood.


Side walls consist of 2x4s spaced 16-inches on center, covered with the best siding in the industry, DuraTemp®.


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